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194 Borussia Mönchengladbach Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

German and European giants of the past

508 We'll Win the Cup Gladbach will be champions again! Плейлист
645 The Soul Is on Fire Hymn Плейлист
1260 Ole Monchengladbach Ole AS classic when it comes to fanchants Плейлист
1264 A Shot a Goal Borussia Gladbach fans dance the best! Плейлист
1497 Gladbach! One for your mobile, great ringtone! Плейлист
1956 Triumphal March - Monchengladbach The Fohlen are here! Плейлист
2195 Schalala La La La La Gladbach Gladbach fans are singing, and they're singing well! Плейлист
2199 Stand Up If You're Borussia Whatcha waiting for? Плейлист
2440 VfL Is Back Again The VfL, also known as 'the foals', are back! Плейлист
2632 Come on Score a Goal Top fanchant of the VFL Borussia Плейлист
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2870 Gladbach Fight and Win Gladbach fans are singing, Gladbach players are fighting... Плейлист
3420 VfL! And nothing else! Плейлист
4725 The Eleven of Niederrhein A Mönchengladbach classic in excellent quality, the perfect ringtone for every Gladbach fan Плейлист
5357 Go Score a Goal Schalala An cheering chant of Monchengladbach, the perfect ringtone for every fan Плейлист
5665 We Want Gladbach to Win How about that?! Плейлист
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