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302 Werder Bremen Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

Traditionally one of Germany's heavyweights, since 1899

370 Hey SV Werder The Werderaner certainly know how to party Плейлист
488 We Want to See Werder Win A classic when it comes to Football Songs! Плейлист
675 The Most Beautiful City Oh SVW Плейлист
1311 Werder Bremen At the Weserstadion! Плейлист
1594 Allez Werder Bremen Allez Werder Fanchants concerned, tip notch Плейлист
2010 Werder Do Do Original Bremen Supporters! Плейлист
2036 Stand Up If You're a Bremer Stand up! Плейлист
2288 Come on Bremen Score a Goal Sang by Werder Bremen fans just before we score a Goal! Плейлист
2326 The SV Werder Bremen Superb SV Werder! Плейлист
3021 HSV... Regarding HSV Hamburg, Werders rivals Плейлист
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5057 Pizarro To Bremen's favorite player of the Fans, 'Pizza' Pizzarro!! Плейлист
5063 Werder! This one makes a nice ringtone Плейлист
9780 Shake Your Hips The Top Bremen fanchant! An excellent ringtone for every Werder Bremen fan Плейлист
10768 Adler Is Nervous Rene's gonna let one pass Плейлист
11228 Allofs You Got It A chant for Klaus Allofs! Плейлист
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