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325 Nuremberg Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

The Bundesliga without Nuernberg would be worse than the town without its Christmas market

742 Our Home Is the Kop Our home in Franken Плейлист
981 Red and Black The oldies are the best! Плейлист
1210 When I Was Still a Young Boy ... Плейлист
2380 Fight for Our Colours Classic Fanchant of FCN Плейлист
2974 The Legend The anthem! Плейлист
3343 Shalala FC Nuremberg Let's sway Плейлист
3344 FCN FCN FCN We win anyway! Плейлист
3431 All Sing in the Choir We sing because we love you Плейлист
3548 Nuremberg Oh Whoah, wo, woah wo wo, it's a Nuremberg Плейлист
4049 Stand Up If You're a Cluberer Go on then Плейлист
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4414 There's Only One There's only one... Плейлист
4505 My Town The beautiful town of Nuremberg Плейлист
6329 FC Nuernberg Allez Allez FCN Плейлист
7553 Death and Hate to FCB A Fanchant against Bayern Munich Плейлист
7595 Cluub There's only one club. Плейлист
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