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366 Union Berlin Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

The 'other club' in Berlin, Union are the reds from the eastern part of the city!

1159 Nobody Would Dare No one dares to beat Union! Плейлист
1378 Oh How Wonderful That Would Be Wonderful club from East Berlin Плейлист
3213 Ole FC Union This one makes a nice ringtone Плейлист
3370 Union Nice Union Berlin chant that fits perfectly onto your mobile! Плейлист
3440 Shalala Union The oldies are the best! Плейлист
3443 First FC Berlin and Everyone And now everyone! Плейлист
3899 Union Union Hey FC Union! Плейлист
4253 Thorsten Mattuschka There is only one Thorsten-our captain! Плейлист
5642 Our Pride Sorry - no lyrics for this one either, do you know them? Плейлист
5997 Eisern Union No lyrics provided , please let us know them at lyrics@fanchants.com Плейлист
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6195 One Day Number One in our Region! Плейлист
6474 Against Nuff said... Плейлист
7153 Always Again Simply Union! Плейлист
7764 We Are Singing Dancing Berliners Плейлист
8034 A Goal Can't be that hard to score a goal? Плейлист
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